COVID-19 Update

Dear patients and community members,

At our practice, we highly value your health and safety. We are currently monitoring any updates made by the CDC, OSHA, and local government to ensure we stay in line with all health regulations for the safety of our patients and our staff. We will also keep you updated as new details emerge. To help keep up with the current situation, we have also upgraded the office with some new equipment that will help ensure your visit is as safe as possible. 

As part of our safety protocols, we will be pre-screening patients and taking temperatures before they come in. In order to serve your dental needs in a safe environment, we have added Air Filters to remove all chemicals and microbes. Through a proper infection control regime, we keep the air of the dental office very clean. 

As part of PPE, we keep social distance and stay on top of ADA requirements. Before making an appointment, we may call and ask you questions about your appointment and limit the number of people you bring along with you. As part of the recommendations made by ADA, be sure to wear a mask whenever you arrive at the dental office. We have made every effort to make your visit a safe and secure one.

Stay safe! Our thoughts are with you. We sincerely appreciate your patience during these tough times.

If you have any questions about this message or your dental concerns, feel free to call us at 212-758-1000.


Dr. Ryan S. Lee and Team

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