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Green CT 2

Green CT 2 from Vatech is one of the most advanced 4-in-1 digital x-ray imaging systems. It was believed that lower radiation grants inferior image quality. But in its case, lower radiation can provide high-quality images. Its diagnostic accuracy can help us give our patients the best treatment planning and satisfaction as well. It also enables faster workflow due to reduced scanning time.

We focus on providing the highest quality of patient care. With the help of Vatech, we can strive to improve the health and safety of our patients.

EzRay Air P

Vatech’s EzRay Air P is the world’s first portable Carbon Nano Nanotube X-Ray Technology. This means we can spend less time waiting for the x-ray to be ready and more time diagnosing and treating the patient. It is a stable, easy-to-use, and easy-to-handle x-ray source. With maximum image clarity, it also optimizes workflow.

HD Sensor


The HD Sensor is more consistent than any other sensors. With its high sensitivity sensor, we can easily capture diagnosable images under any condition. We can reduce the amount of time taken for the procedure and exposure-related retakes. The high-resolution images can help provide an accurate diagnosis with the best treatment option. Along with its optimal comfort and positioning, it can also reduce the exposure of radiation to our patients.

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